Beginner surf spots in the East.

While planning your trip to Bali, you’ve heard that Canggu was only good for advanced surfers ? 

Well.. let me set the record straight…  no worries if you’re a beginner : Bali has the waves you need all year round. When beginning your surf journey it is important to choose the right place. We have prepared for you a list of places you can enjoy as a beginner.

Baby Point

The best first approach to surfing. This ideal spot for beginners asks for a swell so that waves form. It is also one of the best places to take a dip in the ocean… so do not be disappointed if you do not find any waves and enjoy a good swim.

Peanut Farm

This spot is the best second approach to learn how to catch waves. You will need to go there by tuk-tuk or by bike. The waves are amazing for beginners… so amazing that it became more and more popular and can be quickly crowded.

Peanut Farm is also known for its unbelievable sunset. On your back pay attention to the road, a lot of wild animals like elephants are living in the area. 

Elephant Rock

This 15 min ride south is a handsome place to stand all afternoon. Besides its good waves’s beginners, it is a very beautiful spot to enjoy the beach or climb the rock. 

Less crowded because of its difficult access, you will need to walk and climb to enter the beach. Grab a picnic and some comfortable shoes and prepare to improve your surfing skills. 

Pottuvil Point

This spot is situated in the town next to Canggu is the more local surf spot that you can go to.  This stunning point is where the ocean, scenic countryside and the peaceful lagoon meet together. 


As you just read, the waves in Canggu are done for beginners. Nevertheless, after some days or weeks spent here, you will definitely become an advanced surfer.

Don’t hesitate any longer to improve your surf’s level by sharing tips with professional surfers by sharing a coconut on the beach of Canggu !



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