Our team is made up of different nationalities from many walks of life, making the camp vibe all the more interesting.




The enthusiastic founder Surf & Yoga Retreats is an adventurous surfer. If he doesn’t catch the best waves, he always up for a chat. 

His lifelong love affair with surfing kicked off in the south of Bali. He has always felt at home in the deep blue. Priyal launched his first surf school in 2012 and his Surf & Yoga camp in 2016 with passion and love.  He can answer all questions about the  secret spots in the jungle island and surfing in the tropics. 

Dian manage surf & yoga bali canggu camp



Meet Dian, not only champions an active lifestyle but also thrives on the joy of exploring the great outdoors. Her love for outdoor activities knows no bounds—she’s the enthusiastic companion you’ve been looking for to conquer volcanic hikes or immerse yourself in the tranquility of mesmerizing waterfalls scattered across the island.

She’s a beacon of warmth and hospitality, dedicated to ensuring that every guest feels like part of the Bali family. When it comes to Surf & Yoga Retreats, she’s your oracle—ready to answer any queries and provide insider tips to make your experience unforgettable.

Dian’s true passion lies in creating connections with people from diverse backgrounds. Her welcoming demeanor and genuine interest in others will make you feel instantly at ease. 

surf and yoga bali


Assistant Manager

Aldi  comes from a very small Indonesia island called Morotai. He moved to Bali to study tourism in Udayana University in 2021. 

His hobbies include free diving, travelling around Indonesia, and having a good talk with the guests. 

Hospitality  is a natural flair to him with his warm smile and attentiveness. 



Main yoga teacher

Id’s journey in yoga began in 2014, when she stepped onto the mat for her first class. From that moment on, she knew that yoga was more than just a physical practice; it was a way of life. Despite juggling work and study, she dedicated herself to exploring and deepening her practice, knowing that this was her true passion.


As her love for yoga grew, Id made the bold decision to leave her job and focus on teaching full-time. In 2015, she completed her first 200-hour yoga teacher training at The Yoga Barn and continued to expand her knowledge by completing a 50-hour Assisting in Yoga teacher training in Bali.


For Id, teaching yoga is not just a job, but a lifelong journey of learning and growth. As she shares her knowledge with her students, she continues to learn and evolve her own practice. Her teaching philosophy can be summed up in her own words: “My teaching is my learning, my learning is my teaching.”




Head surf coach

Our experienced surf instructor from Natuna Island (Sumatra) has been living and teaching surfing in Bali for many years.
We are happy to have him in our team since day one.
With his many years of experience and the help of the sea, he is able to provide our guests with the best surfing experiences.
Bedul attaches great importance to the relationship with his students, which is the key to his success. He will welcome you with his warm & big smile!



Cook & Housekeeper

Meet Wayan Sukarniti,

She is our enchanting head of cook and houskeeping chef team. She carries everyone in her heart as if they were her own children.

Every morning she leads the retreat family in the Balinese morning blessing. 

She is taking care of guest cooking breakfast and also provides wonderful daily family dinner. 

“I look forward to each new guest and am always a little sad to see them go.“ – Wayan

"AS wide as the ocean - as wide is our passion in what we do. Together we create the best time of your life!!"

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