Co-Working in the East Cost of Bali

Are you working online in various locations of your choosing and hesitated about your next stop ? 

Canggu is the place to be. This hidden gem of the east coast has become more and more popular for its surf spots and its peaceful way of living. Besides that, Arugam bay is becoming a hotspot destination for digital nomads. Hence, our little Bay adjusts and evolves and now has many places where you can work.

Even if you’re not a digital nomad you might still need a place to focus. Maybe you’re doing an online course or want to edit some photos or need a nice atmosphere to concentrate away from your home.

This is what Surf & Yoga provides : a network of community, co-working and wellness.

Why chose us

Located in a beautiful camp, surrounded by nature and the waters of Canggu, our coworking space comes fully equipped. We will provide a really fast internet, good srilankan cafe and a quiet environment to focus. 

Indeed we know all the difficulties that working online can bring. We know how much a good connection and clear signal are expected. Especially to hold meetings with your boss or even to call your parents and friends to make them envious of your dreamy work location. 


Hesitating to come ? Listed bellow some reasons to forget your doubts

  • Our time zone : Bali is only 3h30 – 4h30 ahead of Europe and 9h from New York ! With a good organization, you will be able to work and enjoy the beach vibe the rest of the day. 
  • Possibilities of connection : The chance to interact and meet with other people is one of the greatest advantages of a coworking space. Our Surf camp offers the ideal location to work and meet people… to maybe collaborate on your projects ? 
  • Surf : We are located only 5 minutes walk from the ocean and offer surf coaching and surf equipment.


  • Yoga : We will welcome you twice a day in our open Shala for one hour yoga class with nice and caring yoga teachers.

With all these you’ll reach peak productivity in no time.

So change your cafe’s break for a yoga class and the traditional happy hour for a sunset surf session by settling down in Canggu !


Ready for the trip of a lifetime with us?

15% DISCOUNT WITH THE CODE: JUNEVIBES (booking made from now till end of May for the same period)